Tiny Tulips Pattern - Welcome Spring!

For those that have been following me on facebook and Instagram you'll have seen this pattern being made from start to finish - it started with one mini tulip because I was SO READY for Spring to arrive! Then my tulips kept multiplying. From that it became this simple and fun pattern that you can do in a weekend. Thanks to all of your love and enthusiasm over these tulips, I wouldn't have made this pattern. =)

My Tiny Tulips Pattern is now available for purchase at my little Etsy shop for only $4.75 (shipping in the U.S. in on me!). There's two options: 1) An  instant PDF copy that will be emailed to you, or 2) a paper copy that I can send via snail mail.
This is my very first pattern that I've put a price on, so a sincere thank you for supporting my craft. I hope I've made the price reasonable, and all funds will go towards my quilt-making craft so I can continue sharing with you all!

I take pride in writing clear and concise patterns on my blog, and have made it even more so with this pattern. It has easy to follow and clear instructions with professional images.
Also, if you don't want to make a mini wall-hanging you can easily convert the tulip block pattern into a pillow, place mat or table runner...or even a full quilt! You'd better share a picture of it with me if you do! =)

Warning! These mini tulips are highly addicting to assemble ;)

I've hung my Tiny Tulips quilt right by my front door to welcome Spring - plus i love surrounding myself and my family in beautiful colors and creations.

Also, here's a quick tip on how I hung my Tiny Tulips quilt. I simply pinned a safety-pin to the back (you can pin it through a layer of batting as well), and then hung it on these mini sticker hooks which you can find at most grocery stores, Target or a Home Depot.  This is how I hang most of my quilts. These sticker hooks are stronger than they look!

Thanks for stopping by my blog to see my latest shenanigans. =) And welcome Spring!!! Is it time to shop for sandals and summer dresses yet..?! Maybe not in Seattle...


Whimsy Quilt Tutorial and Quilt Kit!

I finally finished the quilt I've been giving you all sneak peaks of :)  This quilt comes together really fast with easy patchwork and cutting, and the design works perfect with this beautiful, fresh and vintage low volume bundle. As mentioned in my last post, I've partnered with my friend Cristi at Whimsy Quilts and Fabrics to do a fabric bundle to go along with a free tutorial (scroll down for my simple 5-step Whimsy Quilt tutorial).

Cristi put together a limited amount of bundles that come with all the fabric you need to make this same quilt top. Click here to get a Quilting in the Rain Bundle, and a special treat just for you - use code RAIN15 at checkout to receive 15% off your entire purchase. :) Enjoy!

Above: Quilting in the Rain bundle from Whimsy Quilt and Fabrics

Also, I've had some people ask what I used for my backing and binding fabric. For the backing I used Delilah by Tanya Whelan which can be found here. You'll need 3.25 yards.

And for the binding I used Old/New 30's by Lecien which can be found here. You'll need 1/2 yard.

Okay, enough pretty pictures for now. =) Here's my Whimsy Quilt tutorial!

Materials (Quilt measures 55.5" x 66.5")

Step 1: From all fifteen quarter yards, cut five 8" squares from each. This will give you a total of seventy-five  8"squares.

Step 2: Make eight 9-patch blocks as shown below using your 8" squares. To do this, first sew three blocks in each row together for a total of three rows (with right sides facing together, sew a 1/4" seam allowance and the press open). Then, sew all 3 rows together.

Note: I didn't put my prints in any particular order. I just started sewing rows with 3 blocks each, and then later picked out which rows I wanted to assemble to make my 9-patch blocks.

After you've assembled eight of these blocks, fold it in half and press with an iron, and then fold that in half again and press. When you unfold it, there will be lines where you pressed and will look similar to this:

 Step 3: Using fabric scissors, cut the folds that you pressed from the previous step. First cut it in half as shown below...

...then cut those in half so that the block is quartered evenly.

Your block will look like this. After you 'quarter' all eight blocks, you will have 32 smaller blocks. To make your quilt top, you will need 30 of these blocks. 

Step 4: Arrange 30 of your blocks in a 5x6 formation as shown below, alternating the blocks at random and in whichever direction looks best. I tried to arrange my blocks so that none of the same prints touched, but I think I still got a couple touching. =)  

To assemble, start by sewing 5 blocks in each row together (with right sides facing together, sew a 1/4" seam allowance and then press open). Then, sew all 6 rows together. 

 Tip: Press the seams in each row in alternating directions (i.e. first row, press seams to the left; second row, press seams to the right, ... etc.) so that later when you assemble the rows, your seams will nest at the intersections.

 Step 5: Take your backing fabric (3.25 yards) and cut it in half so that you have two 58.5"x43" rectangles. Sew these together along along the length (with right sides facing together, sew a 1/4" seam allowance and then press open). 

Lastly, baste and bind! If you haven't yet, be sure to check out my binding and blind stitching tutorial for an easy way to bind using an pocket closure.

Thanks for checking out my tutorial. :) And don't forget that you can pick up a Quilting in the Rain bundle over at Whimsy Quilts and Fabrics, and get 15% off using code RAIN15 at checkout. This code is good the whole month of March, by the way.

Happy Quilting!


A New Quilt, Moda Bakeshop tutorial and Quilt as you Go Class!

Before I move forward with any updates, I wanted to give a sneak peak of my latest quilt! (I still need to bind it!) This is a low volume bundle quilt. If you love it, my next post will have a tutorial on it along with a custom quilt kit from my friend Cristi over at Whimsy Quilts and Fabrics! Like me, Cristi lives in Washington but in the city of  Issaquah. If you haven't yet, check out her shop and use discount code RAIN15 for 15% off, which is good for this whole month of March :) I'm a long time customer of her shop, which used to be an etsy.

Next, my Quilt-as-you-Go pillow tutorial posted on Moda Bakeshop this morning! Check it out for a taste of my modern Quilt-as-you-Go technique to be featured in my upcoming book. Enjoy! Oh, and thanks to moda Bakeshop, HERE's a printable version of it.

Next, if you're in Washington I have another Quilt-As-You Go class at the Quilting Loft in Ballard, Seattle. The class is on Tuesday, May 6th from 6-9pm. Register here. I hope to see you there and I'd love to spend the evening sewing with you :) !! I'll be teaching how to make the following quilt, but you'll also learn the technique so you can take your quilt in a whole other direction if you wish - it's a very creative technique and class!

Finally, here are a few more pictures from last night of my latest quilt. I was up until 1 AM happily quilting it! :) I was in 'the zone.' This was my first quilt doing free-motion quilting without using my quilting frame (which i sold after having Ethan). I had a sudden streak of confidence to do this. I'm sure it's from all the free-motion quilting practice I had from my latest Quilt-as-you-Go quilts.

I stuck with simple loopy-loops...

Absolutely LOVE how it turned out!

Thanks for stopping by my blog to see my latest! Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend :)



What a Weekend!

Just a quick update with some pretty pictures of what I've been up to. :) Last weekend I whipped up these pillows. I used my modern quilt as you go technique to be featured in my book coming out this year. :) Even better, I will be doing a tutorial on these cuties over at Moda Bakeshop so stay tuned. I'll be sure to announce it here and FB. Fun stuff!

 Here's the quilting up close. What i love about quilt as you go is it eases you into free-motion quilting. I didn't start free-motion quilting until now.

The fabric collection I used is called April Showers by Bonnie and Camille. I absolutely HAD TO HAVE THIS. With the raindrops and umbrellas, it's sooo Quilting in the Rain! ;)
 On a completely different note, I wanted to share some photos of a little family getaway we did last weekend. We took a 15 min. ferry across the sound to Whidbey Island and stayed at the cutest little b&b cottage for one night. It felt like we were so far away from the city, yet we were close to home.

I admit that there wasn't much to do because it was a quiet little town in the middle of winter, but it was so nice just doing NOTHING for once. When everything closed by 6pm we found a Redbox, bought a bunch of junk food and did a movie night with the munchkin. Plus we got the amazing winter rates on the cottage, lol!

And here's my subtle transition back into fabrics...

On our way home we stopped at this quilt shop called In Stiches in Anacortes. Don't you love hunting down quilt shops when you're in a new town? We could have taken a quick 15 min. ferry back home, but I insisted we take the "scenic route" which happened (okay, totally planned) to pass us by this shop.

Anyway, it wasn't hard to miss with it being neon green...
It was a cute shop! Here's the loot I came out with. You know that I don't usually buy patterns, but I love this particular 'Swoon' pattern by Thimble Blossoms. I hot got hooked after seeing everyone's swoon quilts on instagram, which I'm a bit obsessed with.

I also got Camille Roskelley's latest book 'Simply Retro' which is a Stashbook! I absolutely love the style and format of Stashbooks with their clean and simplified instructions and beautiful pictures. I'm happy to say that my upcoming book will also be a Stashbook. They're the first place I thought of when I did my book submission.

Oh, and right across the street from the quilt shop was one of my favorite bakeries called Calico Cupboard. So I bought all my quilty stuff followed by major carb-loading. yay!

All in all, last weekend was so much fun and jam-packed! We did the one-nighter at the cottage, ended up all the way in Anacortes and found that quilt shop, and then I cranked out these pillows the next day, followed by a birthday party shortly after.

With that, I leave you with a couple fun pictures of my little quilt models. 

and for all of you Paige fans... :)

Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out my 'online journal' of all my quilty endeavors.  Happy Quilting!


Applique Hearts Pillow

Hi All! Here's a simple Applique Hearts Pillow tutorial. I did this post over at Moda Bakeshop which means you can find a printable version here.

Depending on what fabrics you use, the pillow can be used year round. This pillow has an easy envelope enclosure, making this a quick and fun weekend project that you can complete in a few hours.

  • 1 yard Moda Solids Prairie Cloth in Buff (this material is home decor weight but has a linen/canvas feel to it) 
  • 1 Bella Solids charm pack in Porcela, plus one scrap for the colored heart
  • Clear glue that works on fabric
  • Coordinating thread
  • 20" square pillow insert


1. From the prairie cloth, cut one 21" square. For the back of the pillow, cut two 15" x 21" rectangles (these will be made into the envelope closure).

From the charm squares, cut hearts of varying shapes and sizes. I think the variety and imperfection of the heart shapes adds character to the pillow. To cut a big heart, simply fold a charm square in half and crease it with your finger so it stays folded. Then, use fabric scissors to cut the arch of 'half of a heart' along the folded edge. When you unfold it, you will have a heart shape.

To make smaller hearts,  repeat but cut two hearts from one charm square. 

I started by cutting approximately 8 big hearts, and then filled up the pillow with smaller and medium sized hearts. Also, from your scrap fabric cut one medium-size colored heart.

2. Next, arrange the hearts on the 21" square.

3.Use clear glue that works on fabric to temporarily hold the hearts in place. Use very little glue as this is just an alternative to using pins and is meant to be temporary. For each heart I put the tiniest drop of glue and then spread it with my finger to make a very thin layer.
This is the glue I ended up using but i'm sure Elmers would work just as well. I just recommend getting a clear adhesive.

4. Sew the hearts in place using a regular presser foot. I simply guided the edge of my presser foot along the heart to sew a 1/4" seam allowance, using a straight stitch setting.
If you've never done this before, to get around the curves of the heart you will need to stop and pivot the fabric quite often. To do this, simply stop sewing with the needle in down position, lift the presser foot and pivot the fabric underneath to follow the curve. You'll get the hang of it. :) 

5. Along the length of a 15" x 21" rectangles,  turn the edge 1/4" under, press, then turn under 1", then press again. Stitch along the fold to keep in place as shown below. Repeat on the other rectangle as well.

6. With right sides facing together, take one rectangle and align it along the left side of the pillow cover. The finished seam you created from the previous step should be facing toward the right. Pin to keep in place, then sew a 1/2" seam allowance along the perimeter as illustrated by the dashed line below. Start and end your stitch with a back-stitch.

Repeat with the other rectangle, but align it on the right side of the pillow.

Clip the corners to rid of bulk and then turn right side out through the envelope opening.

7. Lastly, rub your hands up and down the pillow to help ruffle-up the edges of the hearts. The semi-freyed and ruffled hearts adds texture to the pillow. The freying will not go beyond the stitch. 

And there you have it! A beautiful, applique heart pillow!

One fabulous 20" x 20" pillow

Thanks again for checking out my tutorial! Printable version here.

Let your creativity rain! :)

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