Quilts, Fabric and Pie :)

Hello! It's been too long since my last post so I wanted to share what i've been up to.

I've been working on this new quilt that will be featured on Moda Bakeshop. The (free!) tutorial will be coming your way any day now. I will be sure to do a post about it here and on Facebook when it's up. It's a fast and easy quilt with a quick cutting technique, previewed below.
 It's a great quilt pattern for a beginner or if you want a quick and fun project.
The collection I used is Somerset by Fig Tree and Co. for Moda. It's made up of Layer Cakes (pre-cut 10" squares). I also used a jelly roll (pre-cut 2.5" strips); however, you can cut your own strips from yardage to save some money as I only needed 15 strips.
I finished the quilt top a couple days ago and I may have bribed my son with skittles for a good picture. :) More pictures coming soon.
Check this out...look who decided to make an appearance on my quilt! My sweet little Bodie. He's terrified of my sewing machine and usually wants nothing to do with my quilts. Even here he looks unsure of himself.. ;) xoxo
What else have I been up to....
Oh yes, I've been baking lots of pies.  It started when this guy picked a bucket full of blueberries. I didn't know what to do with all of them and didn't want the berries to go bad so I did what any logical person would do and made a pie, obviously.
Then I made a sugar plum pie. In the last 2 weeks I've made 3 pies. And yes these pies are fat free! I keep telling myself that (as I eat my daily pie slice). At least there's fruit...which have antioxidants! I'm so healthy! :-|
On a different note (but just as sweet as my fat free pies ;) ... my latest stash additions are these lovelies from Simply Sweet Fabric. You can get the bundle here and here. The shop owner, Shay, is so sweet AND she makes the sweetest bundles. She has a lot of this vintage-floral look that I'm crazy about right now. I think my next quilt will use these fabrics.  
Also, I should mention that my next Quilt-as-you-Go class is on Tuesday (it's full) but the Quilting Loft just listed another class for September 23rd. If you're in the area, I'd love to quilt with you! Here's a recent quilt-as-you-go that one of my students, Sarah (@oscarandthesparrow on instagram) made using my technique. Isn't it gorgeous?! 
Speaking of Quilt-as-you-Go, I made this QAYGo ninja pillow for my brother who recently turned the big 3-0.
 Had to do matching coasters of course. 
And then there's this Quilt-as-you-Go pillow (and quilt behind it) - I got the pillow back from my publisher. This one will be in my upcoming book! :)
 Other than pies, fabric and my latest quilt project, I've been enjoying the Summer with my favorite little guy. That's a quilt-as-you-go quilt below (and yes, it will be in my book!) :)
 It's crazy that Fall is just around the corner. The other morning I felt a cool chill in the air and I LOVED it. I guess i'm not much of a Summer girl...I admit that I'm one of those Seattleites that complain about too much sun and feel like they're withering away in the heat :-p So of course I went out and bought some new, Fall boots in preparation for the new season!
(above, Ethan snuggling in my Winter Star quilt)

By the way, a lot of these photos are from my Instagram, so if you're not following my photo feed yet you should!:) Sorry for all the repeats for anyone that already follows!

My home is never this neat (the mess is behind the photographer ;) but I snapped this photo shortly after cleaning and reorganizing my quilt ladder. I love how quilts can bring pops of color and coziness all around a home.
(Summer Star mini quilt on the wall)

Whew! This post ended up being longer than I anticipated. I kept adding random photos. Congrats on making it all the way through me rambling ;) Because you're so awesome here's a coupon code to get 10% off my little Etsy shop. This expires September 1st. :)
Thanks so much for stopping by! Be sure to check back for my upcoming Moda Bakeshop tutorial.

Happy Quilting :)


Winter Star Pattern and Limited Quilt Kits!

I'm excited to offer you all my 3rd pattern! This one is called Winter Star and is available for purchase at my little Etsy shop: www.QuiltingInTheRain.etsy.com Thanks in advance for supporting my little shop!

This is an easy and fun pattern that uses 11 fat quarters and 2.75 yards background fabric for the quilt top. It's a timeless design and you'll learn to easily assemble two types of star blocks.

(Pattern available at www.QuiltingInTheRain.etsy.com)

Here's my baby boy and furry baby modeling the new quilt. I'm a lucky mama to have such happy and cute quilt-munchkin-models! ;)
I'm kicking myself for not finishing this one using my quilt-as-you-go assembly method. If I had, I would have been able to easily accomplish more intricate quilting on the quilt top. Instead, I just quilted simple straight lines 1/4" along the seam. Oh well, maybe next time! It still tuned out super comfy. :)
And here's some fun news! Whimsy Quilt and Fabrics decided to extend her quilt kit pre-orders!

My good friend Cristi over at Whimsy Quilt and Fabrics is offering a quilt kit to make this exact quilt. It comes with 11 fat quarters for the top, 2.75 yards background fabric, 1/2 yard binding fabric, my pattern (you can choose a paper or PDF copy) AND 3.5 yards backing fabric. This offer ends on Wednesday, at which point she'll stop offering the kits. For more details and to order your kit, visit her shop HERE.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you're all having a good Sunday.  I'll be doing a post office run to mail out patterns tomorrow morning, so if you get your pattern order in by early tomorrow AM your pattern will ship right away. :) 

Lastly, I plan to do another post this week where I'll offer a fun giveaway so stay tuned. Happy quilting! :)


Quilt as you Go Made Modern, sneak peak!

Before I start,  I wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to all that have been on this journey with me. I've had a lot of you following me for quite some time, and a lot of new faces as well (welcome!). Your kind words and enthusiasm for my work and tutorials keeps my creativity going at full steam.  

That being said, last Thursday I was a very happy girl! An advanced copy of my book Quilt-As-You-Go Made Modern was delivered to me, along with flowers from my wonderful publisher! It felt amazing...and just, surreal...to be holding it and flipping through my book! All of the long hours and work that went into it definitely paid off, as I am just ecstatic to share this technique with all of YOU!

This post is mostly pictures, but I wanted to reiterate just how passionate I am about this technique. You're literally quilting-as-you-go onto smaller (thus more manageable) batting blocks making it practical to finish a quilt all on your own while achieving intricate quilting! Plus it's a fun, non-fussy and super creative way to quilt! 

And now for the fun stuff...here are some sneak peaks of the book and some Quilt as you Go projects that will be in it! 

Being from Seattle, you'll notice that I gave all fo the quilts Seattle-themed (or Northwesty) names :) This one, for instance, is called Cascade Range. My hubby took this picture on our camping trip a couple weekend ago.

It was a teepee camping trip...yes teepee camping exists! And it was awesome! This one is called Chief Sealth.

 And for all of you Paige fans...she has a half page spread in the book! I know, i know, she's such a little diva dog.

 I hope you enjoyed the pictures! That's it for now. But before I go I will leave you with a beautiful quilt that I just finished. I will have the pattern available in my little Etsy Shop this week.

 Thank you for stopping by, and for all of your enthusiasm and support! :) happy quilting!


Another one done, and another class!

Wanted to share some lovely pics of this almost finished Quilt-as-you-Go! Still need to bind it, then it's done! and yes, it has Paige's stamp of approval ;)

I used my modern Quilt-as-you-Go technique featured in my upcoming book, Quilt-as-you-Go Made Modern, in stores this September! Crazy to think that's only a couple months away now.

I love the stack of quilted blocks right before assembly...
Laying them out and rearranging them is always fun too. 

And here's my big boy on a dainty, girly-girl quilt. ;) Maybe my next quilt should have more neutrals and blues?

Also, I have an upcoming Quilt-as-you-Go class at The Quilting Loft in Ballard, Seattle. Register HERE and come quilt with me!

I wanted to share this beautiful picture of a Quilt-as-you-Go that one of my students sent me - she took my class at The Quilting Loft a couple months ago. This is by the lovely Sarah @oscarandthesparrow (on instagram). Isn't is gorgeous...and even more impressive, can you believe this was her very FIRST quilt?!

Anyway, thank you for stopping by. Just a quick post to share what I've been up to (as i try to type this up before my son wakes up!).

And to brighten up your Monday, I shall leave you with some pictures of my furry child, Paige, modeling my latest. ;) Have a great week!

Happy Quilting!

xoxo jera


it's been a beautiful Spring in Seattle!

 I'm currently working on two new quilts which I will share with you here. But this post is also to share some random (but pretty) photos I've captured this Spring. I hope they make you smile. :)

This Spring I've been really inspired by all of the gorgeous flowers blooming in my yard and at the Farmer's Market. It's been showing through my quilting. Though most of the flowers in my yard are wilted by now, I'm trying to keep the blooms alive with my quilts. 

Above is my latest Quilt as you Go (my book "Quilt-As-You-Go Made Modern" comes out this September!). Though it's not quite assembled yet, it's already Paige-approved.

Ba-da-boom! I'll never tire of these luscious blooms. It makes me sad that peonies only come once a year, but it also makes them all the more special. :) 

There's nothing better than a fresh vase of flowers...(and stack-o-fabric from Whimsy Quilts)...to brighten your entryway, am i right? Obviously Paige agrees (as you can see from her excitement). 

I'll be sure to do another post once this quilt is finished.  Paige continues to cheer me on even with all these work-in-progresses. Too many projects, too little time. I guess Paige will be lounging on some unfinished quilts for a while.

My weekly stop to the Farmer's Market. At $5 bundle, no gal can say no!

Another week, another bundle. I'm telling you...I've been really inspired by flowers this Spring! Hanging on the wall is my Tiny Tulips pattern (www.jeraluisa.etsy.com). :) It's the perfect entryway quilt.

Also, I just had to brag about this. I'm one of those people that never win anything. Until now! Check out this cute red, white and blue banner I won from Debbie at Happy Little Cottage

I didn't win these handmade crocheted cherries, but aren't they adorable? I got these from Heather over at Vintage Grey Handmade. I've kind of been obsessed with all these handmade goodies thanks to instagram.

And here are the fabrics I'm working with for my next pattern. Don't you love the vintage/French yet traditional vibe of this collection? It's a mix of Maison Blue by Robyn Pandolph and the Durham Collection by Lecien.

Another unfinished quilt for Paige to lounge on...but she's not complaining.  Here's a sneak peak of the quilt. And some fun news, when the pattern comes out (hopefully within the next month), I've collaborated with Whimsy Quilts and Fabrics  to do a quilt kit to go with my pattern, so stay tuned!

I hope you've enjoyed this post and seeing what i've been up to. It was a bit random, only because I don't post often enough!

With that i'll leave you with this super-happy picture of the "cute room" at Keepsake Cottage Fabrics in Bothell, WA. I'm teaching a class here on June 29th. If you'd like to sign up, i believe there's one spot left. :)
Happy Quilting!

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