Welcome! So who am I?

Hello to anyone who sees this! I started this blog because I love to sew and quilt. And I'm a total fabric junky and fabric hoard(er) and proud of it! When I set sight on a gorgeous print, it inspires me to be creative (and i drool a little).

In this blog I plan to post easy-to-follow tutorials on different sewing projects and quilting projects. And no worries if you've never quilted or sewn before, hopefully my tutorials will get you interested, maybe even inspired to start. They'll be simple to follow, anyone-with-opposable thumbs-can-do-it crafts. :) And since I love fabric so much, i hope to eventually offer beautiful, affordable fabrics to you (but that's still in the works ;).

Why Quilting in the Rain? Because i'm located in the rainy city of Seattle. My crafts corner is situated in front of a window and I often find myself quilting in the rain. Though, I recently dropped two grand on my new Pfaff sewing machine and quilting frame - if i keep that up I'll literally be quilting in the rain.

Anyway, enough with my rambling. Below is my sweet baby...

She's a Pfaff Grand Quilter...i haven't named her yet.
And this is my crafts corner where the magic happens:

And of course, my Imperial Quilting frame. The frame can double in length. To quilt, I simply pop my grand quilter onto the frame and quilt away:
My hubby helped me put the frame together. Scratch that. My hubby put the frame together while I fumbled with the manual.
Prior to buying it I was optimistic that the frame wouldn't impede on his musical/guitar area...that was an epic fail...
My hubby is the best. :)

Well, that was my little intro. I've been working on 2 new quilts and plan on posting tutorials soon. My hubby and I also finished revamping an old, puke-yellow armoire. We painted it and upholstered the doors and basically made it into an ultimate storage unit for all my quilting tools and fabrics. I'll post before and after photos. :) Until next time..!


  1. Dear Mrs. Quilting in the Rain,

    Your post is inspiring to the core! I can't wait to see more photos and to hear about your next quilting ventures. If only we all had such supportive hubbies as yours! Mine is pretty great, but I can't imagine he'd allow me to take over his music sanctuary! You've got quite the catch (;

    Hope to hear from you soon,

    Quilt Admirer

  2. Hey Jera, great 1st blogpost!! I have a sewing machine that I need to dust off and thread. I'm looking forward to your tutorials. Can't wait to see what you did with the armoir!

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  4. Wow, I've never wanted to quilt so much in my life! ;

  5. I am so envious I can barely type this message!

  6. I love to go to a blogger's first post and read about the how or what it was that got their blog started...and maybe a bit about the blogger :o) I'm so happy to meet you! My brother and his wife and little ones live in Bremerton, Washington with the Navy and love it. My hubby and I live in the total opposite corner of the U.S....Savannah, Georgia. The Army brought us here...and our kids are grown-one in Missouri, two in college in Kentucky.

    Blessings & Aloha!
    I'd love if you get a chance to stop by and if you do, please do leave a comment so that I know that you were there :o)

  7. Hi Jera,
    My husband has bought me your book for my birthday, which is on the 15th/tomorrow! Since I found your blog, I am totally captivated & envious of your finished quilts. Had started blocks, but with backing & then at a loss how to join these!
    Also, I love your corgis! I saw Bodie & Paige, how cute just like my Cardigans!
    Tulip looks just like Paige & Bodie looks like my Basil. My 3rd Corgi is brindle in colour and his name is Teddy!
    Wonder if your corgis are Cardigans?
    Perhaps my husband can send you pics of our 3 corgis. We share the computer. But
    I am not so tech savvy as to have a BlogSpot or install photos. Sadly.
    (I am a young 70 yr old, living in England - Wragby - a village in Lincolnshire)
    Regards, Juliane Longden- julianelongden159@btinternet.com is my email address.



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